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NCPP Calls for Full Disclosure in Poll Dispute

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June 29, 2010

The National Council on Public Polls is calling for full disclosure of all information about the polls conducted by Research 2000 for the Daily Kos website after controversy erupted over the polls.

NCPP issued its call for disclosure Tuesday after the Daily Kos raised concerns about certain Research 2000 polls conducted for the website.

"NCPP believes public disclosure of all the relevant information about the polls in dispute will provide a solid basis for resolving this controversy," said Evans Witt, NCPP President.  He said the release by Research 2000 and Daily Kos should include all the information detailed in the three levels of NCPP guidelines, including the interview data and full sample dispositions.[1]

"Releasing this information will allow everyone to make a judgment based on the facts," Witt added. "Failure to release information leaves allegations unanswered and unanswerable."

NCPP believes that the rapid public release of the poll data is necessary now, even as both organizations are making public declarations of possible future legal action.

For more than 30 years, NCPP, a non-profit group of private, academic and publicly-owned polling organizations, has promoted transparency and accountability in the public discussion of polls in the United States with standards of disclosure.

NCPP has consistently called on all polling firms to make routine disclosures of methods and data when they release polls to the public and to make even greater disclosures if asked.

NCPP believes the principle of full disclosure should apply to all published polls, regardless of membership in NCPP. In joining the organization, members promise to abide by NCPP standards of disclosure. Neither Research 2000 nor Daily Kos is a member of NCPP. 

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