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National Council on Public Polls

About NCPP

The National Council on Public Polls (NCPP) is an association of polling organizations established in 1969. Its mission is to set the highest professional standards for public opinion pollsters, and to advance the understanding, among politicians, the media and general public, of how polls are conducted and how to interpret poll results.

20 Questions A Journalist Should Ask About Poll Results

Third Edition
By Sheldon R. Gawiser, Ph.D. and G. Evans Witt

Polls provide the best direct source of information about public opinion. They are valuable tools for journalists and can serve as the basis for accurate, informative news stories. For the journalist looking at a set of poll numbers, here are the 20 questions to ask the pollster before reporting any results. This publication is designed to help working journalists do a thorough, professional job covering polls. It is not a primer on how to conduct a public opinion survey.

Principles of Disclosure

We, the member organizations of the National Council on Public Polls, hereby affirm our commitment to standards of disclosure designed to insure that consumers of survey results that enter the public domain have an adequate basis for judging the reliability and validity of the results reported.

NCPP Warren Mitofsky Excellence in Media Coverage of Polls Award


The Los Angeles Times has been named the winner of the 2007 National Council on Public Polls “Warren Mitofsky Excellence in Media Coverage of Polls” Award.